Friday, May 19, 2006

I was asked to post a picture of the completed sweatshirt with the heart wreath on it. It's just a basic white sweatshirt from Walmart. I removed the cuffs from the sleeves and the bottom, turned the neck down and turned up hems on the sleeves and bottom, then blanket stitched around them with the full 6 strands of DMC floss to match one of the colors. I glued the wreath design on the shirt with OK to Wash It glue. I'm ALL about the easy!!

ETA: I love my dad dearly but he is such a character. I took my mom over to the hospital to visit him this afternoon. He talked to us for a while but the way we knew the visit was over was when he put his c-pap mask over his face, pulled the covers up to his chin and turned the light off and left us sitting there in the dark. We got the hint and left. *g* Oh well, the good news is he's back in a regular room, complaining about the food and flirting with all the nurses. He's obviously almost back to normal.

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ivy said...

I've been looking for a hobby. This one looks like fun. Before I pick up a new one, I have a couple of older projects that I want to finish first. Sigh. Maybe some day, I'll get to try something new. Somehow those old projects aren't getting done.

Hobbier said...

You do such beautiful work with a punch needle & dmc floss. Amazing!