Saturday, May 27, 2006

I thought I'd give you a look at the back of the piece that I'm working on since you actually work the pattern from that side. People always seem to be fascinated by the back, I assume it's because you can see the design clearly and can't on the front until you're pretty far along.. I haven't worked on it that much this week(well, you try to needle punch and watch Clay Aiken's performance on AI5 at the same time and see how much you get done with him as a distraction!) so you can see it's a pretty fast craft. You basically "color" in the design with thread instead of crayons.

Here is the project at the same stage from the front. One of the things I have learned to do to make my details like the cat's whiskers look crisper is to take the needle and sort of push the loops into place.
Oh and I forgot to mention when I was talking about making the iron on transfers is that they are reusable as well. I have reused one favorite 4 times so far!
I was asked if I had made a needle punch of Clay Aiken yet and the answer is no. I've been tempted and got as far as starting a pattern once but I haven't had the nerve - I'm not confident enough that I can do him justice.

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feelingthejoy said...

Your punch crafts are so cool. And, I know what you mean by being distracted by Clay. I've been pretty useless the past few days.

dixiehellcat said...

HI!! (waves) You definitely need to do a punch needle Clay...I'm starting to knit my 2nd Clay tote bag (shh, dont tell anybody yet)