Saturday, July 15, 2006

I finally made something useful with some of the yarn cording I made with my handy dandy magicord machine. Ok, tell me, does it look like a handbag? I had to improvise because I had the multicolored yarn for so long that the color has been discontinued so I matched a solid yarn to finish it up with. I think I like the combination better anyway. I brought dad home from the hospital this afternoon, so tomorrow I hope to find some time to work on my geranium picture and hopefully get it done soon. I have something else in mind for my next project but this one HAS to be finished first!

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Pink Armchair said...

That bag (and your other work, too!) is gorgeous!

lakecat said...

Love your handbag. I agree that the solid border gave it a good look.

If only I were as creative.

Love the Back for more montage too. Saw Clay at GMA. What a sweet guy.

pandarose said...

I like your little handbag. It is very cute! And thank you for the video. I love it.

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