Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Here is a picture of the project I started on Sunday. I had to take my dad to the eye doctor yesterday so I always take a project with me to work on while I wait. He ended up having a cardiac episode and so I spent some time at the emergency room with him. I got a lot of stitching done as you can see. I'm not sure I like the colors I used but my mom loves it so I expect I'll give it to her when I finish it. It happens that way sometimes, I used a stained glass pattern and tried to give the colors the same type of "feel" as the glass but it just didn't work the way I hoped it would. I'm taking dad to the cardilogist in a few minutes so I'll probably finish this today.

Speaking of finishing things, I cannot believe that June is nearly half over and we STILL don't know when Clay Aiken's new CD is being released. I am getting beyond impatient now. Clay, darlin', you promised us the first half of 2006. Times up!! Come on, give with the information!!

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